Robin Lehner

AGE: 20

The set includes 178 images and a video total running time 19.07 min

Oh what a cutie we have found in Robin Lehner.  He has a beautiful face and a lovely smile.  We see him in a very nice foot shoot, weaing just a tee shirt and underwear.  We quickly get our first view of his sexy feet as one leg rests on the other.  We enjoy a prolonged look at the top of the right foot as our camera pans over.  It zooms in on the toes before moving to the sole of the left foot as it rests on the leg.  The camera gives a great close view as Robin begins to flex the foot.  The lines on the sole are clearly defined as the foot move.  Then our cute stud lays on his belly on the solfa, his legs bent up at the knees.  That affords us another look at both soles, and the sexy shape of his hot buns in his underwear.  The camera closes in on the feet as they are crossed.  We see the toes of the left foot and the sole of the right.  Skin is rubbed off the big toe  on the right foot.  Robin sits and we see the top of the left foot as it rests on the ground.  He flexes the toes as we watch closely.  Then the camera moves back to that handsome face before dropping to the rightfoot resting on a stool.  It looks so beautiful  as we view the sole up close.  We stay with that foot for a good while and then switch to the top of the right foot.  Again he flexes his toes for us.  As the camera pans up his body, we see the tee shirt is removed and Robin has a big smile on his face.  Then the left foot is on the stool and we get a lovely view of that, just as we did for the right one.  With a big smile on his face Robin then shows both feet together on the stool as they flex and relax.  What a really cute guy and some very sexy feet.

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