Candid - Petr Brada

Petr Brada

AGE: 18

The set includes 119 images and a video total running time 16.51 min

A handsome study like Petr Brada needs to be seen in all his naked glory. That is exactly what happens in this candid video.  Starting with his handsome face we soon have a lovely full length view of our naked stud as he poses for the camera.  Then we see him laying on the bed with his cock, soft, resting on his leg.  He rests on foot upon the other as we close in on them. Then we see Petr sitting in a chair, hard cock in hand and his legs wide apart showing some sexy ass crack too.  He looks so good with a hot body as well as a beautiful cock.  He lifts his legs in the air, which exposes his sexy ass hole as well.  Our camera goes in for a good look at the sole of his right foot, with the sole showing.  He turns over onto his knees as we see the left sole up close, enjoying all the fine lines.  As the camera pulls back we see that sexy ass again before Petr lays back on the bed.  He really does look good with cock in hand and then again as he turns over to lay on his belly.  His legs cross and bend at the knee to raise the feet into the air again.  The camera zooms in to show the right sole again.  Then he sits up, cock poking out between his thighs as his arms wrap around his knees.  This sexy stud is just so hot and next we see the tops of the feet as he stands.  The camera lingers on the right heel for a good look before he moves back to the chair and holds his legs up to show the feet with toes scrunched.  We stay with the right foot as he goes back to the bed and enjoy a close-up of the right sole again with the fine lines perfectly shown. As we pull away again we find Petr wanking on his cock with his legs fully extended.  We move over to the left foot to see all the fine lines, as it rests on the bed.  Then another lovely view of his sexy ass, as his hands pull on the cheeks to open it up.  When he turns onto his knees, ass in the air the view is even better, showing the hole so well as his cock dangles between his thighs.  Then, to finish a great video, Petr lays back and shoots his hot cum onto his belly.

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