DEC-31-2009 MF4U final update of the decade

The set includes 85 images and a video total running time: 19 min 37 secs.

Our final star for 2009 is Ladislav Lukasik. A sweet faced thing he had no problem catching our eye, and one he did there was no holding back. Flipping through a magazine he slowly strips revealing a trim, pale body that we could just lick up. Slim feet with just a dusting of blond hairs and well trimmed nails make this a set to remember.

The set includes 89 images and a video total running time: 16 min 09 secs.

Misa Tyson is a power pack of a man. In this special foot shoot, shot moments before his Submissions Wrestling match a couple of days ago, he tingles with anticipation as he limbers up, stretching each of his muscles and getting his blood pumping. Dressed only in short, workout shorts his body is toned and ripped as ever. For those who like a bit of action in their videos, this is the one for you.

The set includes 361 images.

Nothing says smooth operator like the unstoppably suave Josef Kriz. Feet clearly outlined in their patent leather high tops, their zips running down their sides, wrapping around the under side of his instep with a soft convex contour. Sliding his shoes off, his feet shine pink under the lights, and his toes wriggle as the air sweeps between them. Letting them rub against each other in an almost serpentine manner, this is one guy to keep and eye on.

The set includes 317 images.

Let’s start 2010 off on the right foot. And what better a feet than these. Seldon is the kind of hot stepper that only strolls along every now and then, and when he does you have to be ready to nab him. Such a prize is invaluable. With blue jeans that draw the eye down along his thin yet muscular thighs and powerful calves, we are then stuck by some shapely feet that just scream to be felt up. Molding his hands over each curve and bend he wraps up this set in true style, like the star he is.


DEC-24-2009 MF4U Christmas update

The set includes 6 images and a video total running time: 22 min 15 secs.

In a short but sweet set we proudly bring you Vilem Helen. This one we have been trying to get for ages, and finally we have him expressly for your viewing pleasure. Filmed outside he take us on a journey of epic proportions that documents every last inch of these sweaty, slippery feet.

The set includes 101 images and a video total running time: 17 min 43 secs.

One of our end of year features today is the unstoppable Emil Jansky, and let me tell you, we have really saved the best for last here. Nothing compares with his dexterous feet, that roll around on a ball before being rubbed vicariously y his large hands. With a faint tan line from a summer of sun drenched sandals these babies have seen some good times and have plenty more to come.

The set includes 283 images.

The youthful Maxim Petrovic has those sprightly feet, bursting with energy and with a spring in the step that will make your dick hard in seconds. Wasting no time in whipping off his white cross trainers and peeling back his cocoons of socks he reveals two fresh feet that are just dying to be put in your mouth and sucked. Teasing us with every little movement, Maxim is one we really hope to see more of.

The set includes 314 images.

Miroslav Tabor is something of a wonder. With his manly, sculpted jaw line and hard, toned body that tapers down to some exquisite feet, you will definitely find it difficult to tear your eyes away form this one. Wrapped in clean white cotton socks they wriggle only inches from the camera before being freed from their confines and lapping up the bright fresh air.


DEC-18-2009 MF4U update

The set includes 65 images and a video total running time: 16 min 57 secs.

The classic beauty, Michal Hudec has come into our studios for a once in a lifetime experience. His body is beyond compare, his smile enough to melt even the coldest hearts and the feet to make any dick hard. It is all on show here today expressly for you. Posing in a variety of positions he shoes us the works, smiling all the while. With feet scrubbed so clean they almost look translucent, there is no match for this super studs natural beauty.

The set includes 306 images.

Jan has that certain college student style that we just can’t get enough of. With a high necked sweater zipped all the way up and some slimming black pants defining his trim body, the focus is naturally drawn to his long cocooned feet. Stepping out of their rubber soled prison they breathe in the fresh air, wriggling with delight as it’s cold touch tickles the soft hairs sprouting from their peaks. Pink and almost peachy they glow under the hot studio lights, creating a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed.