NOV-29-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 123 images and a video total running time: 13 min 45 secs

Coming down from his big game, Honza Forst sits in the locker room and gets undressed. Slowly loosening his cleats he lets his toes wriggle in the fresh air as the tight fabric of his socks runs all the way up his leg to just under the knee. After a hard day on the pitch, these feet need a good rub down and that’s just what Honza gives them, rubbing them all over before stripping off and letting the camera run all over his hard athletic body.

The set includes 342 images.

Dark and Mysterious, Josef Franzl sits before us dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. With eyes that cut right to the soul and a lustful body that just longs to be touched, he leads us through his very first foot set like a seasoned pro. Peeling off his socks like a second skin, their surface looks soft and clean as he flexes them in front of our eyes before giving them a good hard massage.


NOV-25-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 143 images and a video total running time: 15 min 01 secs

Filling our screens with his delicate little feet, Jan Vrana looks absolutely stunning as he leads us through his first foot set. With a pair of well worn, cream sneakers laced tightly around his feet he taunts the camera as he slowly kicks them off. Deep eyes peer from the background we zoom in and watch the stretched socks get peeled off revealing a pair of slightly hairy, hard working feet.

The set includes 279 images. 

A picture of perfection, Radek Tuma stands before us looking like a male model. Feet wrapped in black business socks and wedged snuggly into some brown leather shoes, smile up at us, inviting us down for a closer inspection. Close up we can see every minute detail these feet have, from the slight wrinkles to the pale flushes that appear when the skin is pressed. All in all these are some wonderful feet and ones that will linger in the mind for weeks to come.

NOV-22-2011 MF4U update

(set 4)

The set includes 430 images and a video total running time: 32 min 52 secs

The tanned Russian, Dmitry Vorobev is one ticklish guy. Accosted by a masked man he is woken and instantly smothered in wriggling fingers. As his body squirms and shakes with laughter, Dmitry is helpless and as weak as a kitten. Just when he thinks he cannot take it any longer the hands curl around his pulsating shaft and jerk it to its creamy finish.

The set includes 258 images.

Street smart Simon Barth has the moves that will make you salivate with anticipation. Wrapped tightly in smooth brown skin, which in turn is covered in some clean white tube socks he looks a million dollars as he slides his fingers under the elastic and peels each one back. Putting on a show that is nothing short of amazing, Simon is one guy we can’t wait to see more from.


NOV-18-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 104 images and a video total running time: 14 min 04 secs

Looking like he has just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine, Petr Molik has the smooth lines and clean cut look that will have you in raptures. As the taught fabric of his white socks cling to his feet, Petr’s eyes look on knowingly as he slides his fingers under the elastic and peels each sock off, revealing the peachy skin below.

The set includes 222 images.

Words cannot describe just how alluring Miro Benedik is. With a body that makes us want to reach out and grab him, he commands this set right from the first shot. Dressed in a snappy shit, he slides his black shiny shoes over the butt of his heel before rocking back on the bed and filling our screens with his faded black socks.


upcoming video sets on malefeet4u.com

Gosh, what a beautyyyyy!!!
For www.williamhiggins.com I did an amazing "Helping Hand" during his erotic video shoot.
What a sexy feet! Really want him back for more footy shoots!
What an astonishing guy!
He is sexy from head to toe!

Dmitry will feature for the 4th time at www.malefeet4u.com!
He has a thoroughly fit body! Sexy.

What a handsome guy!
For www.williamhiggins.com I did a wonderful "Helping Hand" during his erotic video shoot.
What a sexy feet! I know he is ticklish, I hope to get him back for more foot sets.

NOV-15-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 154 images and a video total running time: 15 min 56 secs

Dressed in some well worn white socks, Jan Tailer is a treat for the eyes. As his fingers run town the length of his leg and curl around his dainty toes the camera zooms in capturing them precise moment when his socks peel from the sticky surface of his skin and shines in the cool afternoon air.

(set 2)

The set includes 173 images.

In this hidden treasure from the vault we bring you the critically acclaimed “Killer” Socher in a rare performance. Watch as he slides his body over his hard body, wrapping them around his feet and tickling their glistening surface. As his eyes roll back in to his head he brings this set to its climax, making this one to remember.