MAR-30-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 5 images and a video total running time: 13 min 13 secs.

Our feature today is Karel Nemecek, a real go-getter, he wastes no time is showing us what he’s got. Rolling up those cuffs we are greeted with the thin hairless ankles. Tearing back the Velcro on his white cross trainers we are only inches away from his gorgeous feet. Wrapped tightly in their cocoons of sock he kneads them vigorously, running a sock in between each of his toes and flexing each of the little muscles, making this one set that has to be seen to be believed.

The set includes 200 images.

Karel Jarcik is that strong silent type that never fails to get a raise around the office. Dressed in a white business shirt, buttoned just above his nipples, and a pair of deep blue jeans, rolled up slightly around the ankles he looks the picture of perfection. Out of these sprout two clean white socks. Curved around the ankle and perfectly outlining the soft contours of his feet.


MAR-26-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 384 images and a video total running time: 26 min 52 secs.

Our star this week is none other than Michal Frys. A talented lad, he has skills that have to be seen to be believed. Stepping out of his zip-up skater shoes and pulling of the cocoon of the two white socks we are then greeted by two strong yet delicate feet. Standing he removes the rest of his clothes until finally it is just pure Michal that stands before us, naked and shining under the hot studio lights.

The set includes 375 images.

Milan Panek is the real man of the moment, clad in casual jeans and a button up shirt, the eye is drawn down to his bright blue sneakers bound tightly against his pale soft feet. Loosening the laces he slips the first over the ball of his heel before peeling off the black sock, stuck slightly with the adherence of sweat. His feet are dimpled like the skin of an orange from the rough cotton fiber but rubbing them out we are soon greeted by a pair of gorgeous feet.


MAR-23-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 56 images and a video total running time: 10 min 23 secs.

Gejza Frank is too cool for school. With his dark sunglasses, trimming singlet and white chinos he looks as if he has just stepped off a beach at Ibiza. As he takes us on a journey of sexual exploration we will not forget any time soon. Peeling back article after article he soon fills our screen with his soft rosy skin, his feet wriggling only inches from the lens. With a winning smile and a body to boot, this is one guy who will be in our dreams for days to come.

The set includes 303 images.

Dressed all in white, Mario Horyna looks like he was heaven sent for his foot set. Flexing his calves and rolling his ankles he slowly begins removing his shoes, one at a time and with no great hurry. Under all that saintly synthetic material springs two peachy feet, a little steamy from their confines and ready for a good rub down. And that is exactly what they get. 


MAR-19-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 95 images and a video total running time: 12 min 18 secs.

In this very special duo set we have teamed up two massive guys, Maximus and Jarda Hrouda. Both spend a lot of time in the gym and it really shows, each has the bulging upper body and strong tree trunk like legs that seem to get us every time. Removing their shirts and shoes they run through a couple of exercises. As they lay face down doing push-ups their toes stretch as they are burdened by half of their massive frame. Rubbing them together you can see the cracklings of a smile as each tries in vain to hide the ticklish pleasure each is feeling.

The set includes 280 images.

Jirka Mendel is your real sporty type. Dressed in those skin tight running shoes and a pair of jeans, rolled up at the ankle, he is a picture of perfection as he strikes a couple of poses for the camera. Undoing his shoes he steps out of them revealing two pristine white socks that reach up and gently squeeze his ankles. As these come rolling down the length of his foot we are treated to inch after inch of creamy skin, and with plenty of close up foot shots, this set will not leave you disappointed.


MAR-16-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 97 images and a video total running time: 16 min 31 secs.

David Lak is the center of our attentions today at Male Feet 4 U. With a face to drool over and a body to die for his feet are something of a combination leaving nothing but a slobbering dead man to write about this movie. None the less, it is something that has to be done and with great pleasure I will take the reigns. David’s feet are long, clean and shapely. Their peachy bottoms glow bright before the camera, so close you can almost taste them. But that’s not all this stud has to show as he gets naked takes us on a journey over every square inch of his spectacular body.

The set includes 172 images.

Stefan Cerveny is you classic, try anything once, university student. With a soft, boyish face and a trim, yet well kept body, he is a pleasure to look at. Un-tying his blue lace up trainers he slips them over his heels and peels back the tight white socks revealing two pristine feet below. Rolling his ankles and flexing his arches his toes wriggle in the cool studio air. Then continuing the tease he slides back into his shoes ending this set.