Elias Rys - set 2

Elias Rys
(set 2)

AGE: 23

The set includes 127 images and a video total running time 17.13 min

We have a lovely foot shoot with the very sexy Elias Rys.  This is one very hot guy indeed.  We find him on the bed, enjoying an ice coffee drink as he reclines in just some shorts.  We quickly get the chance to enjoy some foot shots as our camera zooms in on the right one.  As he flexes the foot we enjoy the sole, seeing some nicely defined lines.  His toes are scrunched to enhance the view of the foot, then he relaxes the toes and tenses the foot.  We soon switch to the left foot and repeat the process and watch as Elias tenses and relaxes a few times.   Both feet are then together and we go in very close indeed to enjoy the insteps.  The camera pulls away as he flexes the feet for us.  Elia turns over as we continue to enjoy some great views.  Then we pan along his hot body and down to the feet, this time showing the tops as the feet tense and relax again.  He gives us a really good view of the feet as he lays on his belly, with his legs bent and the feet in the air.  Altogether this is a very good video from a very hot guy.

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