SEP-28-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 94 images and a video total running time: 15 min 43 secs

Our midweek star this weeks is the local favourite, Tomas Zeman, tough and hard bodied he wastes no time is removing his shirt, flexing those hard chest muscles. Wriggling his petite toes he draws us in as the camera zooms in for a closer shot. Filling our screens with pure Zeman, he contorts and bends his feet only inches from our faces making us wonder, where has this guy been all our lives?

The set includes 239 images.

The sweet faced, Tomas Ickert is very disarming. Dressed in a casual button up shirt, some dark pants and a pair of checkered socks encased by some brown lace up shoes he looks so good you could just eat him up. Setting his gaze firmly on the barrel of the camera, he begins his show, slowly stepping out of his shoes and rubbing his feet with his bare hands. Flexing a variety of positions he shows everything he has to offer in a set that will leave you spellbound.


SEP-24-2010 MF4U update

(set 2 - military)

The set includes 113 images and a video total running time: 19 min 30 secs

Back by popular demand, we have gotten Misa Takac back for another top rate foot video. This time we have dressed him in army clothes and let him loose in the set. His hard feet reflect the toughness of his uniform, all, starched fabric and hard, ironed corners you have to be strong to get by in the army and Misa with his calloused and cracked feet show this, a hard worker he is not afraid to put it on show in this, possibly his best, solo foot video.

The set includes 397 images.

Welcome to Paradic, Tomas Paradic that is. Our brand new foot model is a real crowd pleaser, getting down and dirty with no hesitation he takes us on a tour of his magnificent feet that will have you spellbound and ready for action. Dressed is a trimming dark t-shirt and a casual pair of jeans he looks like your average man on the street as he slowly removes his shoes, peels off his socks and rubs his two tender feet against each other in this wonderfully candid foot set.


Michal Frys

He is definitely one of my private favourite models.
My heart was beating very quick when he was present and I blushed when he spoke to me.
There was certainly a time in which I loved him.
In the following I shall give an introduction / preview of his sets and share links.
If you click on the dates you get linked and get even more information and preview images.

His picture set includes 132 images and a documentary video of 21.08 minutes.

His erotic solo video of 29.06 minutes with 484 images and extra 30 fetish images.

Michal Frys on www.williamhiggins.com

His casting with 60 images and a voyeur video of 5.16 minutes.
Sucking duo with Michal Frys and Roland Riedl. Video of 28.46 minutes and 608 images.

Michal Frys´ Czech Up. Video of 33.48 minutes and 439 images.
There is a backstage video of this set: click here

 Michal Frys on www.cfnmeurope.com

(6) 4 parts added between March 2010 and April 2010
No previews on this set - just some information.
Army games. Part 1 has a video of 14 minutes and 150 images. Part 2 has a video of 13 minutes and 155 images. Part 3 has a video of 13 minutes and 285 images. Part 4 has a video of 15 minutes and 250 image.

 Michal Frys on www.malefeet4u.com

The set includes 384 images and a video total running time: 26 min 52 secs.

The set includes 172 images and a video total running time: 19 min 29 secs

(9) Foot set 3 - "gonzo" style foot shoot - to be added just about 15th of October 2010
The set will include 148 images and a video total running time: 28 min 06 secs
In "gonzo" style foot shoots, I as cameraman will play with my hand on the model. I shall remove shoes and socks, tickle, massage, bend the feet, etc 
"Gonzo" style foot shoots are more private for viewers and are also my favourite style of foot shoots.

(10) Foot set 4 - to be added just about 23rd of November 2010
No information about amount of images and lenght of video.

If you want to see more foot sets of Michal Frys, than the 4 which will be on malefeet4u.com, please let me know. Also send me suggestions, ideas, stories...it is most welcome.

Preview images used in this post here are resized. Especially from czechguysnextdoor.com, williamhiggins.com and the 2 future malefeet4u.com sets

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SEP-21-2010 MF4U update

(set 2)

The set includes 90 images and a video total running time: 11 min 16 secs

We know how much you liked him last time, so we have got him back for another solo foot set. Jiri Wagner is a real star. Pale and cute as a button he is dressed in only a silky pair of red shorts and his flip flops as he takes us on a tour of his perfectly formed naked body. His feet are in pretty good shape, a little worn around the nails and with a light dusting of hair across his toes they are what real used feet look, smell and even taste like.

The set includes 269 images.

A real beauty, Jabub Smisek has the style to take you all the way. Working his large hands over his body he slowly undoes his shoes and lets his bare feet wriggle in the air. Gently rubbing them he soon turns to something more pressing and digs his fingers in, giving them a massage that they are not likely to forget. Zooming in for a closer look our camera man gets so far in there you might feel like you were I the same room as him. Working just inches away form us these feet are worn, used and absolutely wonderful.