Candid - Josef Pokor

Josef Pokor

AGE: 20

The set includes 185 images and a video total running time 20.41 min

Josef Pokor is a very sexy guy.  Good looking and with a sexy body too.  In this candid video we are treated to a good look at everything he has to offer.  Right from the outset we see Josef naked, and with a nice hard cock too, as he sits on the sofa, legs wide apart.  A nice hard cock is just one of the treat he has in store for us as we get to enjoy his beautiful feet too.  As he kneels on the sofa, cock still hard, our foot cam gets to work giving a good look at each foot in turn.  Then we see our sexy stud as he leans back, legs in the air, to show off his hairy ass.  His feet are high in the air and placed sole to sole with the gap between his legs framing him perfectly.  He gives us a good look at that hot as, pulling his cheeks wide apart.  Our camera closes in on those sexy feet for another look.  Then he kneels on the sofa to show off that ass again with his cock and balls dangling between his hairy legs.  As he shows off his hole out camera moves to show the sole of the left foot and then both feet together.  He sits on the feet with the soles scrunched and showing lots of line.  Then Josef reclines, holding his stiff cock up to let us enjoy it.  The top of the left foot is shown pushing against the arm of the sofa as he lays along it.  Then we have the feet in the air again, going in close for a good look.  As the shoot progresses we get to see every inch of this sexy stud, with lots of beautiful close ups of the feet to ensure that we all get to see exactly what we enjoy the most. 

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