Justine Bradley

AGE: 20

The set includes 177 images and a video total running time 25.19 min

Justine Bradley is a very sexy guy.  He looks so good in this foot shoot and is quick to remove his shoes so we can begin to enjoy the feet, in socks.  He is one of those guys who always looks so good, whether clothed or naked and, as he lays on the matress, we can appreciate his beauty.  Of course the socks come off fairly quickly too, so we can get straight into enjoying the naked feet.  Our camera gives us a full measure of lovely shots of the feet, singly and together.  We see the tops and the soles, with lingering views in close-up, of all the fine details we like to see.  Justine doesn’t only show his feet though, he gets fully naked, so we are treated to some nice views of his sexy body, with the beautiful ass and his soft cock and his balls.  Throughout, though, our main focus is on Justine’s sexy feet with our camera ensuring a good look from every angle to ensure that we miss nothing at all.  This is a lovely shoot of a very sexy guy.

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