OCT-30-2009 MF4U update

Michal Mamalas 
(my private Nr.1 favourite)

The set includes 238 images and a video total running time: 17 min 04 secs.

Preppy and of blue blood, Michal Mamalas is that summertime seaside fling that we just can’t seem to get out of our minds. Fully dressed the eye is lured down to his dark jeans and lace up nike sneakers. Rolling up the cuff and peeling back the sock we are greeted with a small patch of ankle that almost makes us blush like a 18th centaury bather. Crunching his feet they wrinkle around the toes and arch. Smiling all the way, Michal is one model we would like to see more of.

David Kalina

The set includes 353 images.

There is only one way to describe David Kalina and that is, damn fine. Cherub faced and with an underlying self confidence that just drips with sex he is a real force to be reckoned with. His feet are small and pale. Underused and almost dainty they rub together causing the skin to turn white upon contact with itself. As the blood rushes back into place David teases us still more as he wriggles his toes and arches his ankle leaving our jaws on the floor and our mouths gasping for more.


OCT-27-2009 MF4U update

Martin Kruger

The set includes 81 images and a video total running time: 11 min 21 secs.

Martin Kruger is pumping some iron in the gym. With a full body spandex suit covering his rippled muscles he goes through his whole routine moving from exercise to exercise while exhibiting every last angle of his tight body. Focusing on his feet, the camera picks up the smallest details so that it almost feels like you are only inches away from these beauties. Finishing up with his feet wrapped around a heavy weight he shows that they too, are well toned and strong as an ox.

 Lukas Pika

The set includes 226 images.

Lukas Pika is one smooth operator. Dressed in above the knee shorts and a trimming blue t-shirt, the eye is naturally drawn down his slender legs to his angular feet below. Wrapped tightly in back and white cross trainers and hugged up and over the ankle by two black cotton dress socks, these babies are just longing to get out. Out in the fresh air his skin glows like a peach, ripe and dusted with light fuzz. Squeezing them together they press white under the pressure but as the blood rushes back to the surface they reclaim their appetizing color.


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OCT-23-2009 MF4U update

Radim Tichy

The set includes 187 images and a video total running time: 15 min 44 secs.

There is something about Radim Tichy that we just can’t put our finger on. Whether it is is unassuming face, his trim athletic body or his trim and slender feet, he has us enthralled by his every movement in this exclusive foot feature. Wriggling his toes and arching his ankle the camera zooms right in admiring the dried skin around the skirts of his balls and heels. Rubbing them together the soft pink skin turns white under the slightest pressure and the veins snaking over their peaks bulge and pulsate as this set comes to a spectacular close.

Milan Padak

The set includes 299 images.

Summer is long gone for us northerners, but not for Milan Padak. Dressed in his fluorescent pink t-shirt, rolled up jeans and a pair of open toe sandals he look the part for any beach action or pool side party. Coming in out of the sun he pauses a while to show us his feet. Bronzed and well used, these babies are a feast for the eyes, pale and soft on their undersides and hard and tanned on their upper. Letting the sandals fall to the floor he toys with them, stepping in and out and in and out until we just can’t take it anymore.


OCT-20-2009 MF4U update

Milan Morava

The set includes 163 images and a video total running time: 10 min 27 secs.

Milan Morava is a deeply handsome man. With his clean angular face and well cared for hair and skin he is bound to have feet to match. Wrapped in tan leather shoes their contours are clear to see, and so stepping out of them we are not surprised to see a pair of slender curved feet the same shape as the tight fitting shoes. Pedicured and pumiced they fairly jump of the screen as they flicker by.

Viktor Vesely

The set includes 274 images.

Viktor Vesely is the strong silent type. Square jawed and with a sensible dress sense, his feet reflect the no-nonsense attitude this guy has to life. They are hard worked but durable feet that can really take quite the workload as they’re kneaded in Viktor’s large hands. Scrubbed clean with a light dusting of hair along the tops, these are feet you can really snuggle up with.


OCT-16-2009 MF4U update

Karel Ceman

The set includes 0 images / 7 screenshots and a video total running time: 17 min 19 secs.

Our feature this week, Karel Ceman is one of those guys that haunt our dreams night after night. A cherubic face mounted on a trim yet toned body that tapers down to a pair of immaculate feet that just scream to be squeezed. This video shows every angle of this classic shoot from when he rubs them together to when he slides a finger between each toe separating them with peachy flesh. Each frame is absolutely golden.

Ivo Vanek

The set includes 273 images.

Ivo Vanek brings a lot to this shoot. Dressed casually he is the picture of perfection before he even gets into it. Once he does however, the temperature really goes through the roof. Stepping out of his lace up sneakers and peeling back his crisp cotton anklet socks, he reveals two soft almost swollen feet. After spending all day up and about it is nice for Ivo to rub them down, and so, massaging them this way and that he soon has them as malleable as putty and as sensitive as ever.