Candid - Nikola Kedur - (Added: 07/27/2020).

AGE: 23

The set includes 117 images and a video total running time 10.09 min

Nikola Kedur is a very handsome guy.  He looks so good in this very candid video that we get to enjoy in two parts. This first part begins as he shows off his tattooed torso, having raised his tee shirt. Then he removes the tee shirt and poses with his hands on his hips.  That hot body looks so good as he poses with his hands behind his head.  Then Nikola flexes his biceps too. We then see his soft cock and his balls as his jeans are lowered and his hands are on his hips again.  A good amount of hair surrounds adorns that hot groin too.  Fully naked Nikola turns to the side to pose some more.  Then he is on his knees and showing off his ass and the lovely hairy hole.  His balls hang below that sexy hole.  As we enjoy all the hot views we get to enjoy some great views of NikolaĆ­s feet too. He reaches back and spreads his ass more giving an even better view of his tight hole.  The hairlined hole looks so inviting as he shows it off perfectly.  Nikola sits on the bed, with his legs wide apart and the cock and balls hanging between his thighs.  Laying back on the bed with his legs up gives another view of that hairy hole as Nikola spreads the cheeks wide apart. He closes his legs as he shows the ass, trapping cock and balls between his thighs.  Then he is on his knees with his cock poking out in front while he flexes some more.  Moving onto the bed he reclines in a lovely pose.  Then we start to focus on those sexy feet some more.  We see the tops and the soles and go in nice and close to take in all the details we like to see. Laying on one side he has one foot on the other as we take a close look at the soles, as part one comes to an end with much more to come in part two.


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