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Peto Mohac - set 14


(set 14) 

AGE: 19

The set includes 97 images and a video total running time 15.36 min



Candid 2 - Voloda Osip - set 2


(candid 2 - set 2)
AGE: 19

The set includes 146 images and a video total running time 14.03 min



Candid 2 - Leo Lombar - set 7


(candid 2 - set 7) 

AGE: 24

The set includes 111 images and a video total running time 12.24 min

Leo Lombar Is such a handsome guy. Not only handsome but he has a magnificent body too.  In this video we get to enjoy every inch of him. Firstly he bears his chest to show those impressive pecs. He poses to show that chest and rubs over his Adonis girdle. Then we glimpse  a side view of that sexy ass. Facing forward Leo flexes his biceps which are mighty impressive. After some great flexing he kneels on the bed with his underwear lowered to show off his ass. Reaching back Leo spreads that ass to give a great view. Next, he stands fully naked to present that hot body. We do glimpse his feet as Leo moves from pose to pose but we will see more of them later.First though it is time to see his hard cock which pokes out in front of him. Leo lays on the bed and shows his cock and then lift his legs to expose his sexy ass and a tight hole. Reaching down he pulls on the ass cheeks to give a great view.Then Leo stands again,  his cock pointing skywards, to pose for the camera. He lays on the bed reclining on one elbow, posing to show off that beautiful body. Next, he lays on his front showing his shapely ass. Sitting on the edge of the bed Leoís cockis upright. Then as he wanks his cock we get to enjoy his feet. A helping hand arrives and begins to wank Leoís cock and rub his chest. Leo again takes hold of his cock to stroke it. He keeps wanking that cock as the hands rub over his chest and soon who shoot a massive load all over that hot body.

Radek Ulba - set 4


(set 4) 

AGE: 19

The set includes 152 images and a video total running time 15.41 min



Bob Durant


AGE: 18

The set includes 146 images and a video total running time 15.41 min

Bob Durant looks very very good as he sits in the directors chair, our camera drops down to see his feet resting on the foot bar. Bob lift his right leg and rests it on his left knee, he removes the shoe and then slowly peels down the sock to present the naked foot. We go into a close view of that foot. Which allows us to take in all the details on the sole. Bob rubs the foot and plays with his toes gripping then putting the fingers between, his hand runs all over the foot but he holds it in both hands as we examine all the fine lines. Then he lowers back to foot and switches over to place The left leg on the right knee. Again he removes the shoe and peels down the sock to bear that foot. He repeats the process for that left foot and also gives us a view of the top of the right foot as it rests on the foot bar. We go in close on the soul of the left foot and examine that as he again rubs it and holds it for us. Then both feet are placed on the foot bar as the camera closes in on the tops showing the toes. Bob flexes the toes and scrunches them up. He moves the feet up and down and then crosses them as we stay in a close view. A wide view shows us that Bob is naked covering his bits with his hands as their feet move on the footbar. He rubs one leg with the foot of the other I mean does the same to the other leg all the while maintaining his modesty with his hands. But the hands lift to give quick exposure to his cock and balls as he holds his feet in the air.With his hands on his back Bob fully exposes himself and then he left foot and starts to rub it. He switches to the other foot and does the same before dropping them to the footbar once more. And then we are closing on his handsome face to end a very good video.

Candid - Voloda Osip


AGE: 19

The set includes 112 images and a video total running time 11.23 min