Simon Paldov - set 3

AGE: 21

The set includes 115 images and a video total running time 14.08 min



Candid - Andrej Kalous (Added: 07/20/2020)


AGE: 22

The set includes 124 images and a video total running time 11.01 min

We have another very hot and handsome guy, Andrej Kalous, in a candid, two-part video.  He looks so good as he poses, with his hands behind his head.  The camera pans down his sexy body too.  Then Andrej sits and pushes down his jeans, exposing his soft cock and his balls.  He looks good like that and then stands, with hands on hips, to show his cock and balls and his sexy body.  A close view of his cock shows that the foreskin encloses the head when it is soft.  Then Andrej kneels on the bed and gives a great view of his sexy ass, reaching back to spread the cheeks.  His balls dangle between his thighs as he shows that hot ass.  We get some good views of his feet as we enjoy everything else.  Both hands are used to spread that ass, showing the hole and hair-lined crack.  Then Andrej stands and his cock is harder and the head pokes out of the foreskin.  He lays on the bed with his legs in the air to give another lovely view of his inviting hole, whilst showing his feet too.  He really spreads that ass well too.  Then he lays on his belly, handsome face to the fore.  Turning over onto his back, feet forward, he shows his stiff cock too.  With some lovely views of his feet too as he moves from one position to another we then see Andrej standing with his cock rock hard. As this first part comes to an end we are given the chance to enjoy some great views of his feet, seeing the tops, heels and soles, with the promise of much more of them to come in part two.


Candid - Rosta Vlach


AGE: 19

The set includes 142 images and a video total running time 13.19 min

Rosta Vlach’s beautiful, smiling, face greets us at the start of a candid vide, which is in two parts.  Then this sexy guy lifts his tee shirt to show off his sexy body.  He then gets bare-chested and the camera moves down to show his open jeans and a flash of cock. After checking the smiling face again we watch as Rosta turns and lowers his jeans to show off his ass.  He spreads the cheeks to show his crack and the tight hole.  Then he faces front again , with his cock and balls out of his jeans.  The cock rests on the big balls as Rosta smiles.  He is then naked, sitting on the side of the bed with his legs wide apart. Then he shows off his ass again, reaching back to spread and show the hole.  Next we see that cock rock hard as Rosta stands and shows it off as he poses for the camera.  We are treated to views of his feet too as we enjoy everything else.  He sits on the floor with his hard cock standing proud.  Then he moves onto the bed, holding that big dick in his hand.  Leaning back he raises his legs to show off his hot hole again as he pushes the big cock forward too.  He traps the cock and balls between his thighs as he spreads his ass.  Then the legs are lowered and Rosta reclines, on one elbow, to show off his sexy body.  We get more great views of the body and the lovely hard cock.  The heavy balls hang low as he kneels and presents that hairy ass hole again too.  Then we begin our focus on those sexy feet and we get to enjoy some great close views of them as Rosta changes positions and lays on the bed. We know that we will get much more of those sexy feet in part two of the video too.

Coming next week



Tomas Furan - set 2 (Added: 07/22/2020)

AGE: 18

The set includes 207 images and a video total running time 15.56 min

We have a real cutie in Tomas Furan.  In this lovely foot video we find him sitting in a chair, with his feet and legs resting on a stool. He is wearing only his underwear as he presents his soles to the camera. Tomas flexes his toes and arches the soles as we see a nice wide shot.  Then we also go in close on the toes.  Close in we enjoy the insteps too before the camera pulls out again.  With the feet splayed outwards we see them with that handsome face in the background as the toes flex.  Then we take a closer look at each sole in turn.  Tomas turns onto his right side and places one foot on the other.  Again the toes flex and then the soles are stretched tautly.  Tomas turns over, onto his other side and repeats that process for us.  Then he sits up and reaches forward to play with his feet.  Then as he places the feet sole to sole, with knees wide apart we see that he is naked and showing his cock as well.  A change of angle shows the cock even better as Tomas places the soles flat on the stool.  After panning from head to toe, and enjoying more view of the tops we end with a close-up of that beautiful face.

Video teaser - Karel Pechan


Andrej Kalous - Candid 2 (Added: 07/24/2020)

(Candid 2)

AGE: 22

The set includes 140 images and a video total running time 11.39 min

In this second part of a very candid video with Andrej Kalous we join him as he is laying on the bed, presenting the soles of his feet.  Our camera goes in close on the soles and shows us all the fine details, lingering on the insteps.  Then we go to a wide view as Andrej stretches, then relaxes, the feet.  Turning onto his right side he places one foot on the other and we go in for another close view.  Having enjoyed that view we then see Andrej turned on to his other side to repeat the process of one foot on the other.  The toes flex and the soles scrunch as we watch.  The Andrej lays on his back with one leg on the other, which shows the top of one foot and the sole of the other.  He again changes around and repeats the process, showing the tops of both feet before doing so.  We then see him on his back with his legs in the air to present the soles as he also shows off his hot ass hole.  Then Andrej sits on the floor and wanks his cock to complete a lovely video.