Radas Felix - set 2

Radas Felix
(set 2) 

AGE: 26

The set includes 202 images and a video total running time 21.12 min

What a handsome guy Radas Felix is.  He looks so sexy as he sits along the sofa in this foot video, wearing just his boxer shorts.  We catcg a lovely smile on that handsome face as the camera pans down to his feet.  It goes in nice and close and we watch as they are sole to sole with the toes flexing.  The toes scrunch and hold the position to let us really enjoy that view.  Radas turns over and the right foot dangles off the edge of the sofa as we see the sole up close.  The hard pad on the ball of the foot clearly shows the lines and the softer instep looks so sexy.  We switch to the left foot, as it is raised in the air, to repeat the whole process which gives us a good long look at it.  Then the left foot is shown from above to lets us enjoy the top, with the toes flexing and scrunching.  We pan up the leg and right up that sexy body to Radas’ handsome face. Then we move down again, to the sole of the right foot.  It rests on a stool and we have a good, long, look at it.  Radas smiles all the while as the camera keeps moving to show different views.  After that long look at the sole we switch to the top of the right foot, with the toes flexing.  Then it is the left foot, repeating the process, that we get a prolonged view of. This time though Radas is naked and his soft cock rests between his thighs.  Next we see both feet, one resting upon the other, on the stool with the toes of the right foot flexing again. Heels apart and toes together forms a perfect frame for Radas’ handsome, smiling face.  Then it is heels together and toes apart and flexing before scrunching tightly as a very hot video comes to a close.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Radas Felix 2 Feet

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