JUL-30-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 105 images and a video total running time: 16 min 58 secs

The classic model Roland Kraus is here today for his very first foot set. The natural fiery red head he is known for his passionate displays and never say die attitude. Coming out like a bull form a gate he immediately removes his shirt and rolls up the legs of his jeans, letting the camera dwell on his pale calves. Wriggling two black socks, stretched tightly against his feet he looks a million bucks. Stripping down until nothing but pure Kraus fills our screens he finds a little ball to kick around. Posing with it in a number of positions we are treated to a host of angles that makes us realize why this guy is so damn successful.

The set includes 400 images.

Jarda Albrecht has that mischievous grin that makes us smile with him. Dressed in some simple jeans and a pull over, he looks to be hiding so much more beneath his clothes. Whipping off his black lace ups he lets his toes flex in the afternoon air, his socks clinging tight and damp to his skin. Finally giving these babies a quick rub down with his bare hands he ends this set and leaves us breathless.


JUL-27-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 73 images and a video total running time: 12 min 50 secs.

Our star today is the insatiable Heinrich Muller. Blessed with a cherubic face that is framed by his long soft locks of hair and a strong smooth body, he is about to take us on a trip of sexual exploration the likes of which are few and far between. Flexing his feet we can see the bulging tendons. Massaging along their undersides they squirm at his soft tickle touch. Finally grasping each up in his large manly hands he squeezes them tight, ending a breathtaking set by one of the hottest models going around today.

(set 2)

The set includes 170 images.

A real tough guy, Tadeusz has that rough and tumble, go anywhere kind of attitude to life which has led him to our studios. Dressed in a ice hockey sweat shirt and deep blue jeans he reclines on the bed, wriggling his toes through his black business socks. Peeling them off, one by one, he lets his feet free, all pale peachy skin and little button toes. With a body to die for and feet you can almost taste, this is one set for the ages.


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JUL-23-2010 MF4U update


The set includes 389 images and a video total running time: 22 min 17 secs

The insatiable hunk of masculinity, Libor Kenda has woken to find himself all strapped up. Enter the feather touch of our helping hand who removes his shoes and starts running his fingers all over his feet. Squirming in pleasurable agony, Libor loves every second that he is immobile and unable to resist. Used to being in control, this reversal of power makes him hot as hell and before long his cock is standing hard and strong. As he is finally able to wriggle one hand free he immediately grabs hold of the rock hard muscle and jacks away until he is smothered in shiny cum.

The set includes 264 images.

Patrik Farda is ready for action as he steps into this exclusive Male Feet 4 U set. Dressed in the latest fashions, he looks a million bucks as he strikes a few poses for the camera. Stepping out of his shoes and peeling back his socks the lens is filled with all his creamy white skin. Wriggling his toes and letting the skin wrinkle around his heels and balls, his feet are so close you can almost reach out and touch them.

JUL-20-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 71 images and a video total running time: 12 min 30 secs

The focus of our mid week attentions is none other than the insatiable Sasa Chabani. Holding nothing back he leaps into this set with confidence abound. Whipping off his shoes in seconds and kneading and rubbing his bare feet only inches away from our eyes, he draws us in with his stage presence and ability to really put on a show. The rest of his clothes follow and soon there is nothing but Sasa’s clean skin as far the eye can see finishing what is sure to be a set for the ages.

The set includes 213 images.

Milan Rodinov is a clean cut, fresh faced guy with a lot of energy. Dressed all in black his pale white skin stands out stark against the uniform fabric. With chunky hiking boots covering his feet, he takes his time untying the laces revealing two tight black business socks wrapped around his feet. Wriggling them back and forth he peels back each one until nothing but the pinkish hue of his skin fills our frames. Slightly slippery from sweat hey glide over each other effortlessly making this, a set to remember.


TICKLING - Friday 23rd of July on malefeet4u.com

Malefeet4u.com starts publishing Tickling sets on a monthly basis starting this Friday. Depending on your feedback we may produce more than just one a month. 

Check out the teaser video:


Candid Backstage Video 2

Those of you who know the WilliamHiggins backstage, might also know that I am running that camera. Of course I cannot resist to take candid shots of the feet. Please let me know what you think about it. Hope you like it.
Feet only - I do not tell who the models are. Discussions about it are welcome.