MAY-31-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 94 images and a video total running time: 19 min 15 secs

We have something different for you today. Dressed in his trendy vest and pants, Zdenek Milanek looks like he may have stepped out of a time machine. His stripped socks and black dress shoes are something you might see from the twenties but his sexual power is undeniable, captivating us as he takes us on a tour of his impeccable body.

The set includes 145 images.

Kubik Douda is one hunk of man. Dressed in dark brooding colors he looks like he could do some damage if in the wrong mood. Today however he is cool, calm and collected and ready to show us his feet. Wrapped in some old black business socks they are shapely and a bit worn, but once his peels them back he reveals his clean pale feet, wriggling in the morning sun.


MAY-27-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 167 images and a video total running time: 17 min 00 secs

Our star today is the happy go lucky, Alfonzo Zabata. A real crowd favorite he commands the camera’s lens with his smiling face, impeccable body and succulent feet. Kicking off his sandals he shows the high ware areas around the heels proving that this guy is just as active off the screen as he is on it. Finally stripping right back we see him in all his naked glory, ending a set that will leave you stunned.

The set includes 342 images.

Like an angel, Robert Skladany floats in to this set with a grace and purity which is rarely seen. Dressed in some white shoes and shirt, he lets camera pans over his long, slender body before zooming in on bare, scrubbed feet as they roll and flex their small muscles. His toes are like little buttons squeezed in his tight grip and as he releases them their skin quickly flashes from pale back to their regular rosy hue.


MAY-24-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 77 images and a video total running time: 9 min 51 secs

David Skabeta is today’s feature, and there is no wonder why. His performance here is nothing short of amazing. With his blue jeans pulled up around his calves he lets his ankles roll and his feet wriggle in the afternoon sun. Letting the lens focus right in on his skin, these are two feet to write home about.

The set includes 228 images.

Take one look at Vaclav Halat and you will be reaching for the tissues. A gorgeous guy he captivates the lens as he slowly peels off first his shoes, then his crisp white socks. Underneath lurk some pale soft feet, which have been well taken care of. Peach colored skin, wrapped around and with a light dusting of hair sprouting from each toe make these some feet to remember.


MAY-20-2011 MF4U update

(set 2 - "gonzo" style)

The set includes 76 images and a video total running time: 17 min 05 secs

The dark stranger enters. His face chiseled like carved from stone. Dressed in a high necked shirt and some rich leather shoes, he wastes no time in kicking them off and getting down to business. Soon naked he sits before us, smirking with his coy little smile and luring us in to his world. With slender feet that you could almost hold in your fist, Mara is a small yet effective guy who never fails to impress.

The set includes 209 images.

Michal Franek is one of those guys you may pass on the street who grabs your attention and stays in your head for days. As is the case here, coming in for a chat he soon got involved in a little foot set. Stepping out of his sneakers and running his hands along the slim inner step of his feet. Bare and slightly oiled up he puts on a show that will make you stop the next time you see someone like him again.


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Gosh, what a beauty. I was once on a gay party with him, when he was in Prague.
I will never forget that. He is sexy. Hope to see him again.

David is just gorgeous. Perfect body.
When he is here for any shoot, he usually needs my helping hand.

When there is more time, I will ask him to do more foot shoots for me.

Great body. I think I also saw him on another foot website.

Mara still belongs to my top 3 models in 2011, so far!

Just perfect! This is his second foot shoot - in "gonzo" style.

Nice type of guy.

He plays football and wants to become a star like Ronaldo.
Quite a nice twink.



As well as our usual Tuesday and Friday video set, for the whole month of June we will have an extra video set, on Sundays.

MAY-17-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 75 images and a video total running time: 14 min 19 secs

With rich caramel skin, Marek Murga commands this set right from the word go. Shirtless he flexes his stubby toes before the camera, wriggling them only inches from our eyes. Finally totally naked he lets us gaze over his entire body, taking in everything this amazing guy has to offer.

The set includes 223 images. 

A tough guy from the streets, Lubomir Gargulak is an unexpected addition to today’s foot set. Showing us his trim body he then gets down to business, sliding off his hoody, shirt, pants and eventually dirty, once white, now brown socks. Slapping his clammy feet against the cold floor they lie flat next to each other before being flexed and bent for the camera.