Candid - Voloda Ivan

Voloda Ivan

AGE: 21

The set includes 126 images and a video total running time 13.12 min

Hot and handsome is a very fitting description of Voloda Ivan.  This studly guy gives us a wonderfully candid video.  Naked from the outset we get to enjoy not only his handsome face and sexy body, but also a beautiful cock and a very hot ass. Laying on a thick beam we first see Voloda naked with his cock soft and resting on his leg.  Quickly we get to enjoy some very nice feet shots.  Then Voloda is standing, with a huge erection.  His massive cock pokes out in front of him, with the big bulbous head looking so suckable.  He keeps that big cock nice and hard as he follows the cameraman’s directions. Har though it may be, we have to pull away from the cock to enjoy more lovely foot shots.  But soon we are back to the sexy body and the big, hard dick, as our handsome stud holds it in his hand.  A nice view of the top of the left foot follows, with a close-up.  Then we see the sole of the same foot as Voloda holds it in the air.  We switch to the right foot, also held alooft.  Then a great sideways view of our beautiful stud really shows him off so well, as he sits on the beam.  Having worked through some wonderful views of those feet and that big, hard cock, we get an awesome view of Voloda’s sexy ass, as he lays back with his legs up and his hot hole on show.  He wanks his big cock as we enjoy that hot ass.  The hole looks so inviting, as does that big cock.  To end a lovely video we see Voloda sitting up and wanking as the camera moves down to show the right sole in glorious close-up.

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