Patrik Maly

AGE: 21

The set includes 104 images and a video total running time 13.47 min

What a sexy guy Patrik Maly is.  He looks so good in his boxers and his baseball cap, at the start of his foot shoot.  We are quickly into a nice close-up of his left foot, as it begins to flex the toes.  Then we switch over to the right foot to enjoy the same.  Our view shows the top of the foot, going in very close.  Then Patrik places the feet side by side, to double the enjoyment.  Having had a good look at the tops we find Patrik sitting on the mats, legs extended, showing the soles.  Our first focus is on the sole of the right foot, where we go in close to see the fine lines on the instep.  Then, as we pull out a little the toes begin to flex again. This gives more definition to the instep.  The camera then moves across to the left foot to repeat the process, to give us some lovely views.  He moves the feet together and starts flexing the toes again and then places on foot on the other.  Then he changes to the other foot being on top as we continue to enjoy the soles.  After that we see a recumbent Patrik, naked, with his cock at rest, as we get a nice full-length view of him.  The camera moves down to the feet again, in close-up, so that we can see the tops again.  To finish a lovely video, from a very sexy guy, we have another full-length shot of that hot body.

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