Marek Murek - set 3

Marek Murek
(set 3)

AGE: 20

The set includes 147 images and a video total running time 21.46 min

The sexy and well built Marek Murek is a really hot guy.  In this foot shoot we see him as he relaxes on the sofa, with his jacket open, showing a beautiful chest,  and wearing a Santa hat.  We quickly get into enjoying feet as the camera drops to show off the top of the left foot as it rests on the floor.  Then we switch to the top of the right foot, as it lays on the sofa.  Marek flexes and bends the toes as we enjoy the view. He is such a handsome guy as we get to enjoy his face before returning to both feet next to each other.  The toes begin flexing and splaying again  as we have an overhead view.  The feet are then placed sole to sole with the toes continuing to flex.  He really is very relaxed and enjoying his shoot as he places the right leg on the left one, so we can enjoy the right sole.  The camera goes in nice and close to give a good look as the fine details on the instep.  After a good long look at the right sole we move to the top of the left foot again.  Marek moves so that the left foot is on the floor and the right foot rests on the leg again.  That gives us more of the sole to enjoy.  Then we see both soles as a naked Marek lays along the sofa.  The camera gives us some great close-ups of the feet as then flex some more.  As the camera pulls away we also get a view of Marek’s sexy ass. Turning onto his back he extends his legs along the sofa and we see the soles again, with a glimpse of cock as it rests on the left thigh.  Marek then lays on his side and we have a wonderful full-length view, with his cock on show as the camera pans along that sexy body, and down to the feet again.  Marek is one very sexy guy and he really gives us a lovely video.

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