Milan Manek

AGE: 22

The set includes 166 images and a video total running time 16.42 min

If you want sexy and handsome you don’t have to look any further than Milan Manek. It this lovely foot shoot our handsome stud has his Santa hat on and his underwear as our camera gets right to work, going in close on his sexy feet. Milan is such a great looking guy and gives us lots of opportunities to enjoy his feet in a variety of positions, but none better than as he lays on his belly, legs bent and feet in the air. A full length view like that also lets us enjoy his handsome and most kissable face, as he reaches back to feel his feet. As it that was not enough we also get to see a naked Milan, cock resting between his thighs, as his legs extend to show the soles of the feet perfectly. Another treat is to see his balls hanging between his thick thighs as Milan holds his feet in the air and rubs them. He is just such a beautiful guy and really delivers a wonderful show in this foot shoot.

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  1. Please more of this sensational, sexy guy, mr Manek.