Candid - Roco Rita

Roco Rita

AGE: 18

The set includes 132 images and a video total running time 16.19 min

In a lovely candid video we see the very sexy Roco Rita.  From the outset we see this sexy stud as he poses for the camera, with his jeans down and soft cock on view.  He has a very nice body and such sexy feet.  Our camera soon drops to show off the top of the right foot, giving us a great view.  Then we see a fully naked Roco, posing with his hands behind his head.  He moves to kneel on the sofa with his cock rock hard and his balls nice and tight against the shaft.  The camera move to the feet, as the press into the sofa.  Roco reclines on the sofa, his left foot pushed against it,  His legs are wide apart and his cock nice and hard.  We zoom in on the sole of the left foot for a good look at it.  Then we see Roco’s hot, tight, hole as he raises his legs in the air and spreads his cheeks.  With the feet together he lifts them in the air to show the soles.  Then he drops them to the sofa giving us a look at the tops.  He kneels on the sofa with the left foot hanging off the edge.  As the camera zooms out we see his sexy ass again and both feet.  Then we get a good close-up of the sexy ass before Roco lays down again.  Having seen every part of him we get more of the same as he continues a very hot video.  This includes the feet scrunched and more great views of his sexy ass and nice thick cock.  Just as we think it cant get better, after some great foot shots Roco is joined by a helping hand who wanks that big cock hard and fast, until it releases its’ cum, shooting it all over the place.  The sticky cock is milked dry to end a wonderful show.

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