Lukas Valentak - set 3

Lukas Valentak
(set 3)

AGE: 22

The set includes 162 images and a video total running time 21.39 min

In a lovely foot shoot we see the cute Lukas Valentak.  He starts off sitting in a chair rubbing his shoed feet together.  Then this cutey reaches down and rubs them.  He places them on a footstool for easier access, running his hands over the shoes.  The laces are then undone and the shoes removed.  That give Lukas access to the feet in only socks.  He rubs them a little more and then extends his legs and rubs the feet together again.  Soon he has the socks off and the sexy feet are naked and being rubbed some more.  He places the feet sole to sole and heel to heel, before running them over each other.  Extending his legs again he gives us the chance to examine the feet in close-up, firstly the sole of the right one.  That let’s us see every fine detail of the sole.  Our view then changes to the left foot to repeat the process.  We then see both feet together and close in on the toes. Next we see Lukas naked, his cock resting on his belly, as we have another close-up of the feet.  The toes flex as we enjoy them and we then take a nice look at Lukas cock and balls as the camera moves up his body, to a smiling face as a lovely end to a very nice foot shoot.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Lukas Valentak 3 Feet

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