Martin Dorcak - dreamset - set 2

Martin Dorcak
(set 2)

AGE: 22

The set includes 206 images and a video total running time 22.04 min

It is always so good to see the handsome cutie Martin Dorcak.  This foot shoot of him is just so hot and sexy.  We see him first as he sits in the armchair, as he then rests his feet, enclosed in sneakers, on a stool.  Martin crosses and uncrosses his legs and then removes his sneakers, leaving the socks on for the time being.  He begins to flex his toes in the socks and places the feet sole to sole.  Then he extends his legs fully and the toes wiggle some more.  Taking the socks off Martin show us the soles of the feet and then rests them on the stool again, giving a nice view of the tops of the feet.  Our camera closes in on the sexy toes, panning around to give us a good look.   The toes flex as we enjoy them, getting an extended view.   Then we see some sole,  as the left foot is resting on the stool.  The sole has some dry, hard skin and some peeling that we examine up close.  Then we also get the chance to enjoy the fine details in to instep as Martin flexes the foot.  We then move across to check out the sole of the right foot with more hard skin.  Having spent time enjoying the right foot we see both together.  Then Martin is naked, his big balls resting between his thigh as the holds his feet high in the air.  He places the feet together, rubbing the soles against each other.  Then the soles are pointed to camera as the toes flex some more.  Dropping one foot to the floor Martin grabs the other and gently bites the big toe.  He repeats the process with the other foot and then rests both on the floor.  Closing in on his handsome face we get a nice smile and the we move along the naked, sexy body, seeing his big cock and his ass before reaching the feet again, as they rest on the arm of the sofa.  We pan around and have the sexy ass in the background as we focus on the feet.   When he turns over, onto his back Martin’s big cock is very hard indeed as the feet rest again on the arm of the sofa.  To end a lovely shoot Martin reaches forward and grabs his feet.

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