Petro Peka - dreamset - set 3

Petro Peka
(set 3)

AGE: 18

The set includes 275 images and a video total running time 28.20 min

Petro Peka is a real cutie.  He is so handsome and looks wonderful as his sits in the armchair to start a lovely foot shoot.  Resting his feet on a stool he crosses and uncrosses his legs before removing his shoes and rolling up his jeans a little.  The socked feet are place sole to sole on the stool and then the legs are extended towards the camera.  Petro removes the socks and places the feet side by side so that we can enjoy the smooth uppers.  Those toes look so beautiful as our camera pans over them to allow a good, long, look at them. Petro flexes the toes some and then place the feet sole to sole.  He flexes and scrunches the toes in that position letting us enjoy  them.  Then he extends the legs and the soles are on view as the feet rest on the stool.  We focus on the left sole, with a beautiful close up view. The toes are scrunched so we see all the fine detail on the sole.  Then it is relaxed and the skin smooths out.  We move over to enjoy the sole of the right foot and repeat the process with a good, long, look at the sole.  Petro places the feet next to each other and flexes the toes again.  We spend a lot of time enjoying the soles, with Petro getting naked in the process.  So his cock and balls are on view as we continue to enjoy the soles.  He rubs his feet together as well as flexing some more.  He grabs the left foot, pulling it up to his chest, with his cock on show too.  Then he repeat the process with the right foot before placing both on the floor.  This affords us a good chance to view the uppers.   He lays along the sofa as we view the right foot, with a lovely close up of the top.  The we see the sole of the left foot as it rests on the right legs.  Next he turns onto his belly as we have a full-length view of that sexy body.  The camera pans around so we see his sexy ass in the background as we close in on the feet again.  Petro turns over again, relaxing with his hands behind his head as we enjoy looking at him from the feet and all along that sexy body.  To finish a lovely video he reaches forward to rub those sexy feet as he looks directly into the camera. 

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Petro Peka 3 Feet

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