Candid - Martin Dorcak

Martin Dorcak

AGE: 22

The set includes 181 images and a video total running time 18.32 min

Martin Dorcak is a very handsome guy.  Not only handsome, but as we see in this candid video he has a very hot body too.  With his slim, fit build he looks so good as he poses for our cameras.  We quickly see him naked and posing, with a hand cupping his cock and balls.  The camera goes in nice and close so that we can enjoy exploring his sexy torso.  Then as the camera zooms out his beautiful soft cock comes into view too.  That cock swells nicely too as we continue exploring the body.  Then Martin kneels, ass to camera and shows off his hot, hairy, hole with the cheeks spread nicely.  We get a look at each foot in turn in that position before he stands, sporting a lovely erection.  That taut body shows the muscles nicely defined as the cock sticks out in front of him.  The camera drops to show the top of the left foot before he lays on the bed.  At which point we can enjoy the big cock again and then feast our eyes on the sole of his right foot.  The camera goes in close so that every fine detail can be examined.  He lifts his legs high in the air to show off his hot hole again, with his big dick pushed upwards towards the camera.  Then as he kneels on the bed we check out the feet again.  We get a prolonged view of them as he moves around on the bed, which shows us the tops and the soles.  Then Martin stands again, with that dick nice and hard as we check out the tops of the feet again, with a good look at the heals.  He his then joined by a helping hand who uses oil to massage his sexy body and that beautiful cock.  As the hands work on the body, and finger Martin’s tight hole we get to see it all.  His big dick is trapped between his legs as the hole gets some major attention with the finger going in nice and deep.  Then the hands wank that big cock and finger the tight hole at the same time.  The wanking gets faster and faster until Martin’s big cock releases its’ cum.  The cum shoots everywhere as the dick is milked hard.  What a very hot guy and a really wonderful video.

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  1. Bingo! Woof! Just my type! Deep Chocolate Chip Muscular man! Wow! Delicious! Gorgeous muscular shape feet with gorgeous veins on his tops and sides!