Marion Anel - dreamset

Marion Anel

AGE: 20

The set includes 210 images and a video total running time 22.13 min

What a hot and sexy guy Marion Anel is.  He always does a great job in front of camera and it is just the same as he gives us his foot shoot.  In shorts, teeh shirt and flip-flops our sexy guy is quickly letting us enjoy the tops of his feet as they rest on the edge of a stool. Wearing the flip-flops Marion flexes his toes as our camera pans around to give us a different angle.  We are able to enjoy those feet just like that before Marion removes the footwear.  Then we get our first glimpse of some sole too.  But we stick mainly with the uppers for the time being.  Then we concentrate on the soles as Marion rests the feet on the stool.  We get a good look at each foot in turn, in extreme close-up, before seeing them both together, with all the fine lines clearly delineated.  Marion loses the rest of his clothes as well and we enjoy a lovely naked view of his balls trapped between his thighs as the feet are held aloft.  During an extended view like that Marion moves to one side and rubs the feet together.  This opens his legs so we see his beautiful cock too.  He switches to lean on the other side as well, with his toes flexing as he shows them off.  Then we switch to a close-up of his handsome face before being treated to a full pan down his body showing it all in a nice close shot, giving us that hot cock.  His feet rest over the end of the sofa, with the soles on view as we also see his sexy ass in the background.  The toes waggle as we enjoy them.  Turning onto his other side gives us more of that sexy ass and of the soles of the feet.  Then our sexy stud lays on his back, hands behind his head and with his cock nice and hard, to treat us to a really nice view.  As we zoom out the feet come into view too and the camera then closes in on them.  Having given us a good look at every inch of his hot and sexy body Marion sits up and reaches for his feet, rubbing them and playing with his toes to end a really great video from a very hot guy.

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