Petr Plodner - set 3

Petr Plodner
(set 3)

AGE: 20

The set includes 172 images and a video total running time 21.08 min

What a cutey Petr Plodner is.  He looks so hot as he sits on the sofa wearing just his underwear and some flip flops.  We geta good look at his handsome face before moving down, past his very hairy legs and onto his feet.  The tops are on view as our camera pans around the feet, showing the toes perfectly.  As we enjoy those toes they begin to flex in the flip flops and the camera zooms out to share a lovely full view.  Petr reaches forward and removes the flip flops and we close in on the tops of the feet again.  Those toes look so beautiful  and Petr scrunches them, lifting the soles off the bed.  He flexes the toes, repeatedly and then places the feet sole to sole.  We see the arch of the left foot as the flexing continues.  Then we have a sensuous shot of Petr feeling his chest before we move back to the feet, with a close up of the left sole.  We see a prolonged view of that foot and stay with is as Petr moves his legs and rests the foot on the knee of the right leg.  He turns onto his left side, with the feet placed side by side.  That gives a great view of both soles as the feet are over the edge of the bed.  The feet scrunch and release, showing some well defined lines.  As we change view we see Petr’s naked ass too before closing in on the feet again.  Petr turns to lay on his back again, but we stay with the soles of the feet, very close indeed to see all the fine lines.   He moves onto his side again, and we start at his face and move down the body. This time we see the tops of the feet,  Next he turns to lay on his belly, rubbing one foot against the other.  To end a lovely shoot we have a great full length view of our sexy guy, with his hairy legs bent and the feet high in the air.

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