Candid - Calvin Rosse

Calvin Rosse

AGE: 19

The set includes 133 images and a video total running time 14.40 min

Calvin Rosse is a real beauty, with his hot body and his handsome face.  In this candid video we find him naked and hard, right at the start.   That beautiful body and hard cock look so good.  Then, as we enjoy feet, the camera gives us a good look at Calvin’s as he stands posing.  He then kneels on the bed, still showing his cock.  He turns and bends to show off his ass, as we check out the sole of his left foot.  From one great view to another, we switch to seeing Calvin on his back, legs up and exposing his hot ass hole and his feet too.  He spreads his ass cheeks to really show the hole.  As he works through his poses to let us enjoy his hole we also take the opportunity to close in on his feet as well.  He turns over, laying on his belly looking into the camera with that handsome face.  Then a full length view shows him perfectly.   Next Calvin stands, with his cock still hard. We drop again to his feet and get a good look at the top of the right one, in particular.  He moves the feet together as we enjoy them, the heels prominent.  Back on the bed Calvin lift the feet in the air, showing off the soles again.  He crosses them and scrunches the toes nicely.  That gives some good definition.  Calvin is joined by a helping hand and is quickly feeling the hands rub cream over the legs and feet.  Then cream is applied to Calvin’s sexy chest.  After some more views of those sexy feet we find that Calvin’s ass being fingered nice and deep.  As we change views he had a dildo deep in his ass.  Calvin wanks his cock as his hole is filled by the big, thick dldo.  His cock is to hard as he wank and, with his ass still being fucked deep Calvin shoots a big, creamy load of cum to end a great video.

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