Candid - Aron Ros

Aron Ros

AGE: 20

The set includes 129 images and a video total running time 12.21 min

Aron Ros is a very hunky stud.  He has a handsome face and a very good body too.  In this candid video we get to see it all.  Right from the start we see his beautiful body and, very quickly, his big thick cock as it hangs down. In a fitness setting he looks really at home as he poses for the camera.  We don’t have to wait long before we see that beautiful cock rock hard as Aron sits on the training bench.  He then lifts his legs and shows off a beautiful ass too.  He spreads his cheeks as well and holds his cock up to give a great view.  As we watch all this we get a full measure of lovely shots of his sexy feet, individually and both together.  We see the soles and the tops in equal measure.  Standing, cock hard, Aron gives us some great poses too, which really shows off his wonderful body.  Every different view is as good as the one before and we get a full variety of hot shots.  The feet star throughout, just as we like so that we can enjoy them just as much as that hot, sexy body.  Close shots of the feet add to our pleasure.  Then having enjoyed a fabulous show we are treated to a wonderful cumshot as Aron leans back and wanks himself, shooting a nice, thick load. 

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  1. Pretty feets Aaron has. Nice shape of them. I wish could fuck'em I really likes them much.