Candid - Andrej Sebesta

Andrej Sebesta

AGE: 20

The set includes 142 images and a video total running time 16.38 min

Oh Wow! What a fabulous hunk we have in Andrej Sebesta.  Starting with a great pose, flexing his biceps and showing a beautiful and hary chest, this sexy stud gives us a wonderful candid video.  After checking his feet, briefly we then see our stud fully naked his cock and balls looking just as good as his fabulous body.  As if a fully naked Andrej was not enough we then get to enjoy his feet as he kneels on the sofa.  This affords us a good look at the soles, and our camera goes in nice and close.  Then a wide shot gives us the same view of the feet, but this time and Andrej’s beautiful hairy  ass too, as he kneels on the bed, bent over.  Andrej then stands, and we see the left foot, from above, as it is planted firmly on the floor.  He then moves back to the bed, laying on his back and lifting his legs in the air.  This gives a wonderful view of his hot, tight, hole as well as the soles of Andrej’s feet.  Next we get a good look at his big cock, as he holds it in his hand.  Then it is trapped between his thick, hairy, thighs as the feet are in the air and his ass cheeks are spread too.  We close in on the feet to examine the soles as the toes are scrunched.  Next, with is cock nice and hard, Andrej leans on one elbow as he lays on the bed, flexing the bicep of the other arm.  His beautifully muscled body is perfectly shown like that.  Just about everything on this hot stud is perfect and we are able to enjoy it all.  His dick is big, and gets very hard, his muscles are firm, his ass is sexy.  He just has it all and loves to show it off for us.  In fact he continues to show us so much until his needs to cum.  Siiting on the beframe Andrej wanks on his massive erection, legs wide apart and hairy balls nice and tight.  He keeps wanking until he releases his cum which squirts all over the bed.  He milks that cock to get every last drop out for us.  What a beautiful guy and a great video.

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