Candid - Petr Dolezal


AGE: 21

The set includes 119 images and a video total running time 11.53 min

A serious expression on Petr Dolezal’s face belies his sexy beauty.  This hot stud is naked as he starts a very candid video.  We are able to enjoy every inch of his hot body as he shows off his big, stiff cock and beautiful chest.  He has a hairy hole, which we are teased with as he lays on the bed, cock in hand.  Then the legs go up and the cheeks are spread to show that sexy hole, with the feet prominent as they are held in the air.  That hairy hole looks so inviting and we get more views of it.  But our major focus is on those sexy feet.  They are shown from various angles and look so good.  Petr really does a great job of ensuring that dick is shown off well, as it stands to attention all on its own.  Having enjoyed the cock, ass, hairy legs and sexy feet we are rewarded at the end by Petr waking himself and delivering a very nice cumshot.

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