Candid - Dan Morouz


AGE: 31

The set includes 165 images and a video total running time 13.23 min

Oh my lord, Dan Morouz is a really hot and studly guy.  From the outset of his candid video he has his thick cock very hard indeed.  He also shows off his hot ass hole very soon too.  So we know that we are in for a real treat as he shows us everything we could ever wish to see.  Feet are featured prominently, of course, to ensure that our enjoyment is complete.  Dan poses to show his hot body, and big muscles, with his dick rock hard and poking out in front of him.  What a beautiful sight that is.  His dick is so large who could not be impressed by it?  So with the cock and those sexy feet our appetites are met, and our needs are surpassed with the showing of his hot, tight hole too.  When we have enjoyed it all Dan stands and wanks on that big dick and dumps a huge load of creamy cum, shooting it all over the floor.

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