Candid - Filip Beno


AGE: 19

The set includes 194 images and a video total running time 16.58 min

Filip Beno’s cock is a real beauty, so seeing it rock hard right from the outset of this candid video is a real joy.  Of course being as hot and handsome as he is we want more than just his cock.  So that handsome face feature a lot, as does the hot body.  His ass is a real treat too and as he spreads the cheeks to expose his hole our camera goes in nice and close.  This guy in such a hunk and we get to watch as he works through his video giving us some wonderful view of all his sexy assets.  As he sits, stands and lays we enjoy his body and his throbbing cock as well as getting some wonderful views of the sexy feet.  We see the tops and the soles,  from all angles, with the camera closing in for some great close-ups.  All the fine lines on the soles are shown just as we like.  Filip’s sexy ass, with the hair-lined crack comes in for special attention too, as he spreads the cheeks.  He has a beautiful cock, as mentioned earlier and he keeps it nice and hard for us, laying back and wanking it.  All that wanking results in a lovely cumshot, the hot cream landing on his leg.

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