Candid 2 - Michael Red - set 2

(candid 2)
(set 2)

AGE: 19

The set includes 72 images and a video total running time 12.52 min

Red-headed and hot is an apt description of Michael Red.  This stunner delivers a wonderfully candid video, starting out naked, with his cock rock hard.  He has a great body and we are able to enjoy it to the fullest extent in this video.  The feet are prominent very early on as we get a great view of the soles.  As we enjoy the feet we also get Michaels sexy ass, with the cheeks spread to expose his hot, tight, hole.  He shows it as he lays on his back and then turns over onto his knees for a different view.  He has great muscles too and poses with cock hard as he flexes his biceps as well.  That hot body is in need of a helping hand and it gets it as Michael has oil rubbed all over it.  His sexy ass gets coated too and the hands explore the ass, spreading the cheeks wide.  As we enjoy that hot body we get some wonderful views of the feet too.  The hands also work on Michael’s throbbing cock, wanking it down between his legs as the sexy ass is on show.  The cock is wanked hard and fast, as the balls are cupped, until the cum shoots out of the dick, all over the bed.  Drops cling to the cock head as it is milked to get every last drop.  This is one very hot guy, with beautiful feet, a hot body and a superb cock.

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