Petr Zuska - set 6

Petr Zuska
(set 6)

AGE: 20

The set includes 146 images and a video total running time 17.31 min

It is always so good to see Petr Zuska and this video is no exception.  It is a foot shoot and our sexy stud is wearing only his boxer shorts as we join him.  Laying down he gets right to work rubbing those sexy feet against each other.  Our camera ensures some great views, going in close on the tops first, as the toes scrunch while the feet rub against each other.  Then we need to see some soles too and we are not kept waiting as the right one is presented in close-up.   That shows all the fine lines on the instep.  Then we switch to the left foot to enjoy that sole as well.  After inspecting the left sole we go back to the top of the foot as it dangles just above the floor.  As the camera pulls out, and pans upwards we see that our sexy Petr is now naked and his flaccid cock is resting between his legs, while a smile crosses his face.  The right foot rests on a stool and the sole in on view for another close view.  The the camera switches to wide-angle and the cock and balls are shown too.  After a prolonged view of the right sole we check out the top too, as Petr places the foot on the floor.  Next up is the left sole again as the foot rests on the stool.  Petr then places both feet on the stool, next to each uther and flexes his toes, scrunching the insteps.  He brings a lovely video to an end by reaching forward and rubbing his hands all over both feet before flashing us the widest of smiles.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Petr Zuska 6 Feet

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