Marek Polan - dreamset - set 2

Marek Polan
(set 2)

AGE: 26

The set includes 144 images and a video total running time 17.11 min

Marek Polan is one very sexy hunk.  This hot stud, with his great body gives us a great show, as he gets naked, showing off his beautiful ass and soft cock in the process.  Then he lays on the table, ready to be adorned with fruit and veg.  A wonderful overhead view,  showing that hot body and Marek’s huge, thick, thighs, is soon transposed into a glorious view of his hot body decorated with fruit and vegetables of all shapes and sizes.  It is such a turn-on to see such a sexy guy in such a position, mouth full of big green apple, pits balancing tomato and banana between his thick thighs.  The picture we have is perfectly set as our sexy stud lays there.  The camera closes in and then begins to pan over the body to give some great close-ups.  That affords us the chance to inspect the hot body as we move down to the feet, getting the chance to inspect the soles.  Then Marek has turned over, and the fruit and veg re-arranged, so that we get a lovely view of that beautifully rounded ass, with its’ strategically placed banana. His mouth is still filled by the huge, green, apple and our camera explores the body, closing in nicely on that adorable ass before giving an extended view of the soles of the feet again. Marek moves again, onto his back with his legs up.  Apple still in mouth and tomato on chest Marek now supports a carrot with his ass as our camera pans around and closes in once more on those sexy feet.  He turns onto his knees and, as the camera moves around we can check out those feet again, and also get a truly wonderful view of that hot, hairy, ass with a close-up of the tight hole.  This is a wonderful video featuring a really hot guy.

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