Mirek Belan - set 2

Mirek Belan
(set 2)

AGE: 21

The set includes 154 images and a video total running time 16.17 min

It is so good to see the sexy Mirek Belan in a lovely foot shoot.  Sitting on the table, in just his underwear, he immediately creates a great impression on us.  With his legs hanging down he is able to flex his sexy feet as our camera pans over them.  Mirek shows the feet perfectly , crossing and uncrossing his legs.  Then the right foot rests on the table as we enjoy it up close. The toes flex for us before our view changes to the left foot.  We pan up to the sexy chest and handsome face and then return to the right foot, but this time with the sole on display.  We have an extended look at that sole and then move on to check out the left one too.  When Mirek moves to bring his feet onto the table, legs extended we get to see both soles together, as they scrunch and show all those lovely creases.  We stay with that view for long enough to really appreciate every single detail.  Then we have Mirek on his belly, rounded ass in underwear being an added attraction as we go back to the feet with the toes supporting them.  To bring a lovely shoot to an end our sexy stud leans forward and plays with the feet.  Such a hot guy and a really great video.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Mirek Belan 2 Feet

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