Candid 2 - Milan Manek - set 4

Milan Manek
(candid 2)

(set 4)

AGE: 22

The set includes 132 images and a video total running time 18.40 min

What a stunner we have found in Milan Manek.  With his sultry good looks he certainly draws us into his very hot video, which is very candid indeed. We are able to enjoy ourselves as the sexy Milan strips down, firstly to his underwear, and shows off his sexy body.  That is a build to be proud of and he shows it perfectly.  Then this sexy stud is naked, with a very hard cock indeed, proudly posing.  That dick points skywards with ease and looks most impressive.  With lovely biceps, flexed beautifully, and a gorgeous ass too Milan certainly has it all.  He does a great job of showing off his ass too, lfting his legs in the air as he spreads his cheeks to expose his hole.  As he shows it all off we get some great views of his feet too, giving us some lovely close-ups that allow us to enjoy every fine detail.  He has so much to enjoy and, for some, the culmination is when he kneels on the sofa and parts his hot cheeks again to give the most perfect view of that hole.  To others the best part will be when he lays back and wanks his throbbing cock to a lovely, creamy, cumshot.  But for most the whole video is simply too hot for words to adequately describe.

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