Candid - Stefan Caran

Stefan Caran

AGE: 27

The set includes 110 images and a video total running time 10.00 min

A happy smiling face is always a treat for the eyes.  That is exactly what we have with Stefan Caran.  But he is not only a happy smiling face, he is also a very sexy guy, with a very good body.  In this candid video we are treated to a multitude of great shots, as he parades before us with his cock rock hard and his hot ass spread wide to expose his tight hole.  He really does show it all off beautifully, ensuring that we get some great views of all his assets.  Of course we want feet as well, and we get them in good measure as our camera pans over Stefan’s ensuring that we are able to enjoy every aspect, checking out the fine details.  We major on the soles of his sexy feet but we also get to enjoy close-ups of the tops as well.  So all in all this is one mighty fine video, featuring a very sexy guy.

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