Petr Zuska - gonzo - set 5

Petr Zuska
(set 5) 

AGE: 20

The set includes 118 images and a video total running time 21.41 min

It is always good to see Petr Zuska. This handsome and very sexy guy never fails to entertain. In this foot shoot we see him in only his sock and his boxers. As ever he delivers a great show, and laughs as a hand reaches forward to tickle his socked feet. Then hand pulls the sock off the left foot and we enjoy a nice close view of the sole. The hand tickles the foot again, making Petr laugh again. We stay with that foot, getting some great close views of the fine lines on the sole as Petr enjoys it being tickled. Then we move over to the right foot and the process is repeated. He places the feet next to each other so that we can enjoy both soles. Then we see the tops as Petr scrunches the toes. The camera pans around the feet, showing the tops from different angles. He extend his legs again and some cream is dripped onto the left foot. The mystery hand rubs the cream all over the foot, as Petr’s cock is at rest in the background. The right foot the gets the cream treatment too, being massaged in, as before. Then the foot is tickled again as Petr’s legs are wide apart showing his junk. He turns over, onto his belly to give us a look at his ass as well, while his left foot is tickled and massaged some more. Both feet are placed together, the shiny soles on view as the hand reaches to tickle some more. Then to finish a lovely show we pan over Petr’s sexy body and up to his handsome face.

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