Candid - Stepan Tokaj

Stepan Tokaj

AGE: 21

The set includes 123 images and a video total running time 10.17 min

What a cutie we have in Stepan Tokaj. He is such a sexy guy and has a lovely smile, which we see rightaway in this candid video, as he looks back over his shoulder whilst showing off his hot ass. Then we have a lovely view of Stepan reclining, naked, on the sofa with his cock as res on his leg. He is so cute with his beautiful face and his slim body that we just cant get enough of him, from his sexy ass as he lays on his belly, to his beautiful feet. The camera goes in nice and close to give us some great shots of the feet, individually and both together. As much as we enjoy the feet we also see so much more, with Stepan pulling his legs up to show off his hot hole with his rock hard cock standing proud above it. His cock is big too and he loves to pose and show it off, so we get some great shots of it. Having been able to take a good look at every part of Stepan we also get to enjoy a helping hand slipping a finger deep into his sexy ass as the other hand wanks on the rock hard cock. Stepan is blindfolded as the hands work that ass and cock and he enjoys the action. Two fingers slip into his hole and quickly his throbbing cock erupts with his hot, creamy cum to end a wonderful shoot.

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