Candid - Oleg Galek

Oleg Galek

AGE: 25

The set includes 152 images and a video total running time 14.44 min

In a lovely video from Oleg Galek we are first presented with a lovely, smiling face. Then our camera pans down his sexy chest to a nice big cock and onto his feet. This candid video is wonderful and gives us everything we could wish to see from this sexy stud. He kneels on the sofa, with the soles of his feet on show. Then we see him, still smiling, as his massively thick cock pokes out in front of him, rock hard. Our camera drops to the floor to show the top of the left foot before we find Oleg laying back on the sofa. Like that he has his legs in the air exposing his hot hole and with his cock still rock hard. We get a great view of the sole of the right foot as he holds his legs in the air. Closing his legs he traps his cock between his thighs as we go in close on both soles. That shows off the fine details for us to enjoy. Then we see a great view of the tops of the feet as Oleg stands up. The camera slides up his body to that handsome face, then he turns around and we get a glimpse of his sexy ass again before dropping to the feet again. We continue to enjoy the feet as he sits on the sofa and pulls his legs in the air again. That sexy ass hole is on view, with the cock dangling above it as we enjoy the feet. Then Oleg wanks his cock again, legs apart and hole on show. With all this to watch we still get some great views of his sexy feet and his very hairy legs. As we enjoy the feet shots we get a great view of Oleg kneeling on the sofa, legs apart and his hot hole as he spreads his ass cheeks. Having enjoyed all the wonderful views of his feet we get a wonderful full frontal of Oleg as he makes his big cock swing back and forth. Then he grabs it and wanks on it, getting it rock hard for one final look.

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