Libor Kenda - dreamset 2 - set 5

Libor Kenda
(set 5) 
(dreamset 2)

AGE: 27

The set includes 148 images and a video total running time 14.37 min

Libor Kenda is a really hot guy.  With his muscled body and his big cock, as well as his sexy ass, he has it all.  In this lovely shoot, we have all of that and a lot of fruit and vegetables too.  With Libor stripping naked and laying on the table we are treated to some great views of his hot body, adorned with the fruit and veg.  Strategically placed to emphasise his hot body it gives us some wonderful views.  Throughout the video we see those sexy feet too, with close shots and wide angles too.  His hot muscles look so great as he lays on the table surrounded by the fruit and we get to enjoy both front and back views, legs spread.  Libor also gives us some great poses, such as pulling his legs up and crossing them to show his feet as his ass has a carrot neatly placed against his hole.  But that hole doesn’t stay covered for the entire time, as he moves onto his knees and shows it off to perfection as the camera goes in nice and close.  This is a very sexy shoot and as well as seeing that hot body we get some wonderful views of Libor’s beautiful feet.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Libor Kenda 5 Feet

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