Milen Petrof - set 4

Milen Petrof
(set 4)

AGE: 20

The set includes 144 images and a video total running time 21.43 min

It is always so good to see Milen Petrof, as he never disappoints us.  In this foot shoot our handsome stud is wearing just his underwear, from the outset.  He looks so good as he sit along the sofa with his feet resting on it.  Our camera quickly closes in on the feet and pans around them to give us a good look.  Milen’s toes start to flex as we watch from above.  Then a wide shot gives us a good look at the flexing feet as well as the rest of him.  The camera keeps changing position so that we are able to enjoy every angle, watching the tops and the soles of the feet, with Milen’s bulging crotch in the background.  He works his feet for us to ensure that we see everything we like.  The soles are prominent, and we see them individually as Milen turns over on the sofa.  We get prolonged views of each sole before a wide shot of Milen and his beautifully rounded butt.  Another great view, this time of the top of the right foot, as it is placed on the floor with the toes flexing, heightens our pleasure.  Then as we pan over Milen we see that he underwear is off and his beautiful soft cock is resting on his big balls.  Moving down from the cock gives a good look as the sole of the left foot as it rests on a stool.  Then we have the right sole in view, as it is on the stool, before both feet are next to each other, soles facing the camera.  To complete a great video Milen reaches forward showing his palms and then rubbing his hands all over those sexy feet.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Milen Petrof 4 Feet

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