Candid - Josef Fudun


AGE: 21

The set includes 136 images and a video total running time 17.00 min

We all love a hot and sexy guy, so it is a real treat to see newcomer Josef Fudun in a very candid video.  With his good looks and very fit body we know from the start that we are going to enjoy ourselves.  Josef is quickly completely naked and showing off his wares, just as we like.  His ass is so beautiful and we get some great views of that, very early in the video.  His cock too is a joy to behold and, in its’ rock hard state we are treated to an awesome view.  Some great views of Josef’s tight ass hole are included too, with the camera nice and close as the cheeks are stretched wide apart.  Of course we want feet too and are given a profusion of great shots of them throughout this very hot video.  As we enjoy them from all angles, and up close too, we see every detail before Josef brings things to a close by shooting his hot cum.

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