Candid - Petr Parnek


AGE: 18

The set includes 158 images and a video total running time 19.57 min

In a very candid video we are able to enjoy the sexy Petr Parnek.  This handsome and nicely built guy shows it all, just as we like. Clothed at the outset he soon starts to divest himself of his clothes, posing in just his underwear before revealing his soft, and then very hard, cock.  He does some great posing so that we can enjoy his full stiffness and his tight balls.  His ass is a beauty too, and soon we are examining it, as he spreads the cheeks to show off his hairy hole.  With his firm, nicely developed body and that rock hard cock he is a treat for the eyes.  But we get much more than that, we also have some great views of Petr’s sexy feet.  Throughout the video we home in on those feet, taking a good look at them together and individually.  Much as we enjoy the feet, as they stretch and relax, and show the wrinkles, things get even better as a helping hand wanks on Petr’s throbbing cock.  Having inspected, and enjoyed every inch of this sexy stud the video ends with the helping hand slowly milking Petr’s beautiful dick.

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