Candid - Milos Ovcacek


AGE: 19

The set includes 155 images and a video total running time 11.30 min

What a pleasure it is to sit back and allow the beauty that is Milos Ovacack simply wash all over us.  This sexy stud looks great with his underwear straining to hold in his big, hard cock.  But it doesn’t have too as Milos soon loses the underwear and shows off his massively thick dick in all its’ glory.  Protuding in from on him as he poses for the camera that cock seems to defy gravity.  This sexy stud isn’t just cock though and soon he is on his back, legs up, and showing off the sexiest of tight, hot, ass holes.  His cheeks are spread wide as our camera closes in on the hole and lets us enjoy it.  Having enjoyed that big cock and awesome ass it is only right that we move on to the stars of our show, the feet.  We are treated to a wonderful array of great shots of both feet, from every conceivable angle, so that we can take in the beauty of all the fine details.  Milos is one very sexy guy and delivers the most beautiful of videos for our total enjoyment.

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