Martin Polnak

AGE: 19

The set includes 199 images and a video total running time 17.55 min

Starting a video with a handsome face and a great smile is always a good idea.  Martin Polnak gives us that beautiful smile, with his eyes sparkling.  Then our camera pulls out and shows this sexy guy in just his underwear as he reclines on the bed.  What a beauty he is, we are in for a real treat in this foot shoot.  We are soon enjoying a lovely close-up of the sole of his left foot as Martin begins to wiggle his toes.  Then our view changes to the right foot, closing in on the instep, before zooming out again.  Martin moves the feet to be side by side and waves the toes at us.  Our angle of view changes to overhead and we close in on the tops of those sexy feet.  We stay with that angle as the soles are places together and the toes flexed. Martin turns over, extending his legs so that his feet poke through the bedframe. And hang over the edge of the mattress.  We go in nice and close to enjoy the instep of the left foot.  Then we see both feet together again.  After an extend look at those soles, with the toes flexing, we have Martin naked, with his feet in the air and his cock and balls resting between his thighs.  He rubs his feet together and flexes the toes, keeping the smile on his face.  The we get a lovely close up of the feet as Martin lays on his belly.  The angle changes and that beautiful, smiling, face is shown, with a really sexy ass in the background.  After more great views of the feet we end with Martin leaning forward to rub them and flashing us one last, very sexy, smile.

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  1. One of my favorites. Perfect toes and feet. He must be a Taurus.

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