Candid - Petr Danek

Petr Danek

AGE: 19

The set includes 103 images and a video total running time 14.44 min

A great way to start a video is with a hard-cocked strawberry blond.  That is what we get with Petr Danek. This sexy guy looks so good, cock in hand as he poses for our cameras.  He really does look good, and enjoys himself immensely as he presents his sexy body, naked, and his beautiful cock for our delectation.  Not only his cock of course, but his ass too.   Petr is soon spreading his cheeks and showing off his hot hole.  In fact he revels in showing off that hole and does a variety of poses to ensure that we fully appreciate it.  As much as we enjoy all the hot views of cock and ass we also want to see the feet and we do.  Petr shows them off, with the camera going in nice and close and letting us enjoy them from every angle.  That affords us the chance to examine every detail up close before Petr sits up and wanks his big cock to a mighty climax, shooting his cum everywhere.

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