Bradley Cook - dreamset 2 - set 5

Bradley Cook
(set 5)
(dreamset 2)

AGE: 18

The set includes 164 images and a video total running time 19.50 min

Oh just how sexy is Bradley Cook?  This hot hunk is simply gorgeous, in every respect.  In this candid  foot video we are quickly treated to him stripping off and laying on the massage table, his beauitufl soft cock resting on his balls.  Then his sexy boyd is surrounded and adorned with fruit and vegetable, which is such a big turn on.  The camera closes in on Bradley’s sexy body, showing us the strategically positioned fruit as well as the very hot body.  He is picture perfect in every respect and we pan down the body, over the chest, past the flaccid cock and onto the legs and finally his sexy feet.  We spend time examining the soles. Then Bradley turns over and his beautiful ass is on show, with a rather large banana nestling in the ass crack.  We close in on his hairy legs and then to the left foot before moving over to the right one.  That affords a look at the sole again before we glide up his body, taking in the sexy ass before reaching his handsome face, with his mouth filled by an apple.  This gorgeous guy looks simply magnificent as we are able to explore every inchi of his hot body.  He moves again, onto his back, with his legs pulled into the air. His balls rest between the thick thighs as a carrot lays against his ass hole, and his mouth still retains the apple. The camera moves around to show us different angles to ensure we have maximum enjoyment of the pose.  Then Bradly moves again, onto his knees, with his ass in the air.  As the camera pans round we are shown his hot, tight hole and his beautifully round butt cheeks.  Then our view changes, to take in those sexy feet for more close-ups, with Bradley’s cock and balls dangling in the background.  What a great video and with the most gorgeous of sexy hunks.  Nothing could be better.

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