Candid - Bodi Curek

Bodi Curek

AGE: 22

The set includes 131 images and a video total running time 14.07 min

Bodi Curek is a great looking guy, with an excellent body too.  This sexy stud gives us a wonderfully candid video in which he shows everything.  We quickly have him naked as he stands and poses to show off his sexy body and a beautiful cock.  His handsome face and beautiful eyes impress as he poses.  Then he relaxes on the sofa, with his soft cock resting between his legs.  Bodi then kneels, with cock erect, on the sofa so we get to enjoy his hot body some more.  His right foot is shown supporting him on the sofa as that hot cock pokes out in front of him.  Then he sits again, legs wide apart, for some great close-ups including the top of the left foot.  As the camera pulls out Bodi lifts his legs in the air and gives a wonderful view of hit hot and very tight ass hole.  The camera closes in on the sole of the left foot before pulling out to give another view of that sexy ass with both feet held aloft.  Then we have as series of great views of each foot in turn, particularly the sole of the left one.  Bodi lays along the sofa with one foot upon the other.  With all these hot views of his sexy feet we get exactly what we like to see.  Then our sexy stud stands again an we get a lovely full-view before dropping to the feet again.  We see both soles as the legs are extended with soles facing the camera.  Then the feet are scrunched to show some great detail.  Bodi lays back on the sofa as a helping hand stands behind him feeling his hot chest.  Bodi wanks his stiff cock as the hands rove over his chest.  With the wanking getting faster and faster Bodi releasing a big, squirting, cum shot that fires the hot juice all over his sexy body as a lovely finale.

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