Andrei Evans - set 2

Andrei Evans
(set 2)

AGE: 20

The set includes 167 images and a video total running time 24.04 min

Andrei Evans is a fine looking guy. In this foot shoot we find him sittiing with his feet resting on the sofa. Our camera closes in of the feet almost immediately giving us a good long look at the tops, majoring on the toes. The camera pans around the feet so we see the toes from all angles. The Andrei places the feet sole to sole and begins to flex the toes, which gives us a look at those soles too. He relaxes like that on the sofa for quite a while, resting on leg on the other for a great view of the left sole, as the camera goes in nice and close. Then moving he places the right foot on a stool to let us examine the sole of that too. All the fine lines of the instep are nicely shown as the camera lingers. That foot is the placed on the floor as we view from overhead with the toes wriggling some more. The left leg is rested on the stool for another great view of the sole of that foot. Both feet are then on the stool with the soles facing the camera. After that Andrei turns onto his belly on the sofa with his legs bent and feet in the air. He gives us a lovely smile as he brings his video to an end.

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  1. Very nice feet. Great shape toes. Many veins on his tops and sides! I like him. Yummy!